TET Mouldings History

TET Mouldings  was setup by Trevor Bee in the mid 1980’s. Many of the moulds now used by Black Cat Panels were manufactured by TET. When Black Cat Panels took over from Trevor to ensure continued availability, we took on all of Trevor’s build notes and tips, and he continues to assist with advice.

Trevor Bee worked for TVR for thirteen years from 1972. After a couple of years at Bristol Avenue trimming the new fibreglass panels he subsequently spent eight years in the TVR body shop, sanding down and finishing the completed body shells. Moving on, Trevor was then asked to manage the factories crash repair facility. Replacement fibreglass panels were not available at that time due to production line time constraints, so Trevor produced the first ever TVR crash repair mould in the early 1980s to save cutting the front ends off complete Tasmin body shells; a practice which was the commonplace at that time. He has never looked back since.

Trevor left Bristol Avenue in 1985 to form TET Mouldings and started immediately manufacturing M series and Vixen bonnets, progressing onto Tasmin front ends, bonnets and spoilers, catering for the 280 right up to the 400SE. The best seller at the time by far being the 400SE boot spoiler.

Trevor is proud that during his time at TVR he learnt his trade from the Master mould maker Joe Mleczek to whom he owes a debt of gratitude. After leaving the factory Joe and Trevor rekindled their working relationship when Joe came to work with Trevor at TET Mouldings for several years.

 When TVR launched the S- series TET produced moulds to make bonnets for S1, S2, S3 and Sc3 with the low-slung spot-lamps and also later the V8S, TET then started to produce Griffith 500 front ends and bonnets, along with series one and two Chimaera fronts and bonnets. After the Tuscan was launched, new moulds for front ends and bonnets were developed to add to the range. which by now also includedT350 and Cerbera bonnets.

Throughout his time Trevor has built up an excellent reputation for the standard of his work. Indeed in 26 years of trading Trevor Bee at TET Mouldings has had many compliments, but even better he has never received a complaint about any of his quality workmanship.

 Martin Lilley &Trevor Bee

TET Mouldings supply TVR owners and independent TVR specialists all over the country and deals regularly with France, Holland and Germany. Trevor has also previously sent an assortment of body panels to Australia and has sent a Griffith front end to a new customer in New Zealand.

Famous for the quality of his work and with very sensible prices and a rapid turn around, Trevor is proud to have helped keep hundreds of TVRs on the road over the years. He is enthusiastic about his work now as he was when he started under Martin Lilley in the early 1970s.

By 2016 and with the range now also Including the Sagaris front end Trevor Decided it was time to retire, and the search was on for a new custodian of the moulds who would continue to supply the TVR panels with the same dedication and commitment.