Black cat Panels

After over 15 years of working with racing Tvrs and running our own road cars, When Trevor Bee decided to retire we took on his panel business to add to our existing race car panels and maintain availability of the panels to keep TVRs on the road.

Maintaining availability

One of the key drivers behind taking on the TET moulds was to ensure the availability parts for the older Wedge cars. There was a risk the moulds would be lost and more cars broken up after light damage. By keeping the panels available hopefully more TVR’s will stay on the road. Our range stretches from the early Tasmin 280i right up to the Last of the Blackpool cars the Sagaris, and we also supply some parts for earlier cars.

Most of our Parts are made to order but we do try to carry some of the more regular items such as Chimaera and Griffith nose sections and Chimaera bonnet hinge boxes in stock.

Panels can be collected from Worcestershire. for smaller items we use couriers for bulky items we have a local man with a van who understands how to deliver GRP items or we can also palletise items for shipping anywhere in the UK or Abroad.

Reproducing unobtainable parts

Where it is identified that parts are not available from other suppliers we have commissioned new moulds taken from original parts. As a one off this can be an expensive process but if you are looking for that scarce panel please contact us and we may be able to help.

We have also developed some panels specifically for racing, such as our 1 piece Chimaera front or our Le mans hardtop. We can also make many of our regular panels in lightweight form for racing, or modify them.

Our range is constantly expanding, so even if you don’t see what you want on the site or have an idea for something please contact us to see if we can help

Its all in the detail

Our laminators work from detailed production notes for each panel, and we are continually updating these from customer feedback and working with other specialists, and ex TVR staff. TVR changed production methods regularly even during the same model. When purchasing a panel we work with customers to identify exactly what they need from our knowledge of how TVR Built them and the changes they made. We also know what can be interchanged between models and what cant.

For example on the Chimaera there are 3 variations for front panel plus fixing options,  4 rear section options, 3 boot lids and 2 bonnets. Some of these can be mixed and matched to update or improve cooling such as putting the mk2 bonnet on an earlier car.