1st October 2016

New Owner for the TET TVR moulds

With Trevor deciding to retire, the search was on to find someone with the knowledge and the passion to take on the moulds. If nobody could be found there was a very real danger that some of the older parts particularly for the Wedge series of cars would no longer be available.

Graham and Ian Walden have been involved with racing TVRs since 2000, as as well as building and running racing cars they have also had a number of unique body panels made, such as a 1 piece Chimaera front and a Chimaera fast Back Hard top.

Starting out racing a 280i They also provided many body panels for the racing wedges Fronts, 1 piece fronts, bonnets, bumpers and splitters. With this particular interest in the Wedges a deal was struck with Trevor and the moulds moved from Blackpool down to the Midlands.